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Guns in classrooms : Bang Bang !

When Donald Trump has started to be taken seriously, we knew at this moment that politics was at risk. When Texas has recently allowed people to display their handguns just in the middle of the street, we also knew that citizenship was also at risk. But given their appetite for fire guns, we said: “Well, that’s just a Texan thing”.

But this frenzy for guns has been spreading until schools!

Indeed, the University of Texas at Austin has recently been obliged to allow students to carry concealed weapons. Due to a law enacted on the 17th of February, students over 21 can now bring their own guns into classrooms. No matter what their professors think. Just like the internal regulations now state:

« On June 1, 2015, Gov. Greg Abbott signed S.B. 11, also known as the « campus carry » law. S.B. 11 provides that license holders may carry a concealed handgun throughout university campuses, starting Aug. 1, 2016. »

Republicans and lobbies defend this law by pointing out that “if there were guns in classrooms, it could have prevented mass shootings”. And unfortunately they do not miss examples. In 2015, 372 mass shootings were counted and 64 in schools!

In the wake of the San Bernardino attacks, Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell Jr., encouraged his students to come with a gun at school! Worst still, he offered them to give free courses so that they can easily get a license to bear an arm.

Concerning the University of Texas, a group of students and teachers keeps questioning this new policy. According to a professor, guns risk « interfere[ing] with students’ free speech in the classroom« . This new policy may jeopardize the tranquility of professors and students in schools.

However this very policy is not something new. Just like CNN states:

« Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Utah, Wisconsin and Oregon also allow students to carry concealed handguns on campus. »

The main purpose of this policy is to prevent mass shootings in schools. Let us see what the future has in store and if shootings truly decrease.


Inspired by CNN


Cyril Garrech-Casanova
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Cyril Garrech-Casanova
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